Weekend Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs Part 2

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Plug in, then Unplug

During the week, personal emails, texts, and calls are sometimes pushed aside for more time sensitive work matters. Use a half hour or so on Sunday nights to catch up on emails from your sister across the country, respond to texts from your Dad, and call your grandma to wish her a happy birthday. With a few hours left (2-4) before bedtime, turn off your phone(s), tablet, and computer, set your alarm, and don’t think about work communications. The email will still be there in 10 hours, and your response will still be timely, so give your brain a chance to take it easy for a little bit.

Reflect and Relax

When your family is gathered around the TV watching the latest HBO drama, the dishes are cleaned, and the dog is walked, take a few quiet photo-1434030216411-0b793f4b4173moments to reflect on your feelings, especially if you’re beginning to feel anxious about the upcoming week. Writing your thoughts down can be a great way to sort out an issue or see things from a new perspective, University of Texas at Arlington organizational behavior professor James Campbell Quick told The Huffington Post that “it’s a catharsis to get it out on paper…It’s like flushing a toilet: you get it out on paper and you have flushed your system out.”

And after reflection, allow yourself time to simply relax and recharge both mind and body. From meditation to massage, to merely getting a good night’s sleep, relaxation can be like fuel for both body and mind.

End it with a Smile

No matter how great or boring a weekend you’ve had, and whether or not your Monday morning meetings is creating major stress for you, stay positive. The workweek is about to begin whether we like it or not, and ending our weekends on a high note by practicing the power of positive thinking and reflecting on positive, motivating experiences will get you in the right mindset to begin a productive week.

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