5 Suggestions for Millennials Interested in Investing and Hedge Funds

As a group, millennials are not showing much enthusiasm for investing. Forbes says that only 26 percent are buying stocks, much less than the 58 percent of baby boomers who invest. Millennials are really shortchanging themselves and their financial futures. Some millennials don’t understand investing or its importance. Others don’t know how to go about investing. Many don’t think they… Read more →

Entrepreneurship Podcasts to Listen to and Learn From in 2017

Podcasts can help a whole new class of business leaders and entrepreneurs find success in the new year. The episodic series of downloadable digital media and audio files delivered in regular installments are known as podcasts, which is a portmanteau of “iPod” and the word “broadcast.” Many business leaders and entrepreneurs have taken to the use of podcasts, which can… Read more →


Social Entrepreneurship is Sweeping the Globe, Part II

The following blog post is a continuation of the post “Social Entrepreneurship is Sweeping the Globe,” Please visit that blog to learn more about social entrepreneurship, and how it’s impacted the world. Triage Project was launched in 2015 as an effort to raise awareness around health literacy. In addition to the app, they have on-the-ground services. Since the start of… Read more →


Social Entrepreneurship is Sweeping the Globe

Entrepreneurship comes in numerous forms, encircling a number of ideas, philosophies, and actions. While all types of entrepreneurship embrace a spirit of risk-taking and innovation, social entrepreneurship seeks to utilize private sector approaches and business techniques to find solutions to environmental, social, and cultural issues. Time-tested strategies are applied to organizations with various beliefs, aims, and sizes. Technology has helped… Read more →

Weekend Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Since most of us are working for the weekend, it may come as no surprise that a 2015 Monster survey found seventy-six percent of American workers have admitted to suffering from the Sunday Night Blues. Sunday Night Blues = an acute condition in which symptoms include feelings of helplessness and/or depression and anxiety surrounding the upcoming week, Sunday Night Blues predominantly affects students and… Read more →

Balancing Act–Company Rules and Core Values

“We often look at the work of others like a menu offering with no prices. We think other people’s work is just a buffet we’ve already paid for.” -Wade Eyerly, CEO of Beacon Airline. When businesses being to rapidly expand, with growing revenues and number of employees, the culture will sometimes inevitably shift from one that is value-based to one that is… Read more →